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January 9, 2012
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Pensive Mermaids on Rocks by dashinvaine Pensive Mermaids on Rocks by dashinvaine
Digital painting done in photoshop. Two mermaids, a demure brunette and a more brassy blonde, sat on rocks under a tropical sky, and wearing shells.

If you want to see a version without shells you have to buy my the 'uncovered' version of my mermaids calendar on Cafepress.


On varpious cafepress products: [link]

This piece incorporates 'pensive mermaid' which I did a while ago, giving her a glam companion and completing the scene... [link]
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Mermaids are overrated, once you find out how they multiply they become quite boring, no matter how beutiful they are:…
The video isn't showing, but I recently solved the mermaid mystery, in any case.
Okay the video is about Fry that have just scored a very hot mermaid, the problem happens when it gets serious enough for them to reach the bedroom.

She is screaming "what is that"?
Indicating a thing between his legs, that she had never heard of.
Then he tells her that he is confused to, and she explaids that she lays her eggs, leaves and then expect him to fertilize them, because that's how mermaids do it. Like fish, with absolutely no touching.

I would rather be a duck then a merman, at least a duck gets to see some action, if you have ever been to the local park you know what I am talking about.
You can't trust cartoons. Actually mer folk have human-like genitals, but they are at the back, tuck into a gulley below their buttocks and are discretely covered over with scales when not in use. So now you know...
Well considering that it is a mythological creature, we can deduce two things.

1) There is no natural way to determine how merfolks reproduction systems works, and

2) There is no source material that can be considered canon (like if we were discussing Star Wars). The myth comes from a verity of traditions, that often contradict each other.

I like Futurama's version where they reproduce like fish,
and how they were often depicted in the west before the great modesty wave, in which their fish part started a little lower and their genitals were clearly visible, just like Karbo's nagas…
except with fish instead of snake.

I don't think a version where the junk is in the back would work, because no creature, and I mean no create at all have their junk in the back. Birds have their cloaca, which is a somewhat messy all purpose hole, that is some of the closest you get, but that is still not in the back.
Well, there are types of fish (turbot, for instance) where one eye migrated to the other side of the body, so it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that in some species of mermaid the junk migrated to the other side as well... 

It's amazing the variety that there is in marine biology. Sharks have different ways of having young, including types that lay eggs, types that have live young, and types where the eggs hatch in an egg case (a so-called mermaid's purse). I daresay merfolk, if they existed, could similarly have multiple species, so all bases can be covered.

Its a chimera, chimera's can never exist naturally, but can be created in a lab, so there is hope yet for creating a mermaid, personally I would go with a human-dolphin hybrid, its easier as they are both mammals, but there is a big chance that the result would be a horribly impotent mutant.
But the point is, that you would have to create each individual in a lab and if they even could reproduce, and they would most likely be sterile, the offspring would either be 100% dolphin or 100% human, depending on where the reproduction organs are located. That is because a chimera dosn't mix the DNA between the part, in each part of their body they are pure so to speak.

If we wanted to create a merfolk, that was more natural, aka could reproduce, we would have to create a hybrid instead of a chimera. Now what is the big difference you ask me? The difference is that the hybrid isn't pure anything, if we still go by the human dolphin mix, the hybrid would be a creature where every cell is a mix between the two. Imagine these two… having a baby.

The upper fins would be armlike but still grey and fatty, the snout would be more humanlike, but still have dolphin features and so on.
Like the human dolphin chimera it would properly be a horribly impotent mutant that would only inherit the weaknesses of their parents but none of their strength. This hybrid would truly look monstrous, so it wouldn't even get the petty that the chimera mermaid would. Notice also how I said "it" because you wouldn't think of this hybrid in a he/she term. It would look truly frightening.
SimonLMoore Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a simply gorgeous piece of work!
valeriemary309 Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is just amazing!
dramioneFEELS Jun 19, 2013  Student Writer
the one thing that makes this a masterpiece, is that it depicts the reality of a woman's anatomy in the brunette mermaid; the B-cup breasts, the not-entirely flat stomach, and not being supermodel thin, as opposed to the societal expectations of a woman in the blonde mermaid,
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